018 - Snow Blower Electric Chute Rotator for Land Pride SB10 Series (SB1051/SB1064)

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Parts and Tools List:

Gear Motor
Stainless M6 x 20mm Hex Head Screw Bolts (motor mounting)
Stainless M3 x 8mm Metric Hex Socket Countersunk Bolts (switch housing cover plate)
Stainless Metric Fender Washers (motor mounting)
Stainless Metric Regular Washers (gear mounting)
Stainless M6 x 70mm Rivet Countersunk Socket Cap Bolts(switch housing)
Stainless M6 x 1.0mm Nylon Inserted Hex Lock Nuts (motor mounting)
Stainless M6 x 1.0mm Stainless Hex Nuts (switch housing)
16 AWG Gauge Outdoor-Rated Jacketed Wire
18 AWG Switch Crossover Hookup Wire
Cable Glands
Double Pole 3 Position Sealed Rocker Switch
Deans Connectors
7mm 2:1 Heat Shrink Tubing
4.5mm Heat Shrink Tubing
15mm Heat Shrink Tubing
Black PLA

Designed for the Land Pride SB 1064 (SB1064) Snow Blower, but should fit other blowers in the 10-series as well like the SB 1051 (SB1051).  If you are interested in purchasing a set of the 3-d printed parts, or a pre-assembled kit, it's available here: PYR8 Moto.
Playlist on my other YouTube channel with a FULL build series for this project
If you print one of these yourself: use a high quality PLA, print at .1mm layer height with 4 outer walls, at least 10 solid top and bottom layers, and 70% infill.

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