093 - Riden RD Lab Power Supply Case - RD6018W - Part 2

STL Download (zipped)

Parts and Tools List:

RIDEN RD6018W Power Supply
Matte Navy Blue PLA
48v 4A Power Supply>
Power Inlet>
AC/DC Converter Module
CR1220 Lithium Battery
M3 Long Socket Head Screws for Flip Feet
M3 Assorted Screws
WAGO 221 Lever Wire Nuts

I included the STL for both the main housing where I used the power supply from the dead POE switch *and* the STL for the main body that uses the standard 48V 4A power supply from Amazon.
Make sure you print the one with 48V4A in the name, unless you happen to have one of the same recycled power supplies from an old piece of gear like I used in mine.

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